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get to know me meme: 5 favorite pairings [3/5] → steve x natasha

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I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

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MCU Meme: Six Avengers [2/6]
     ↳ Tony Stark

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I- I don’t know, it’s- you know, that stuff it’s nice, it’s flattering, it just gives my mom more magazines to buy.

Chris Evans on being on the hottest bachelor list.

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you insult the black widow you insult me

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4/100 movies I love » The Avengers

If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it.”

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chris pratt // guardians of the galaxy press

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I can’t deny how completely awesome and perfect he is! 

31 . 08 . 2014


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [5] favorite movies: Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man. That’s kind of catchy. It’s got a nice ring to it. I mean it’s not technically accurate. The suit’s a gold titanium alloy, but it’s kind of provocative, the imagery anyway.

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Girls fangirling over the Starks since 1943.

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